Friday, January 1, 2010

my new MIX STYLE headset ^^

well, after a long years of wait.. FINALLY! i have my new mix style earphone which I bought in japan when I was there.. it was cool and its really huge one.. XD but its so cute.. and it rocks.. the sound is very nice.. and the style of my earphone is nice too.. at first I was planning to buy the skull one.. but it only has the black then white skull on the middle.. i prefer, white then black skull on the middle.. so since they don't have that color, I bought the white background with black star.. hehe.. its really cute.. my mom and my aunt likes it too.. during the new year day, my aunt gave me a new digi cam and I took a photo of my headset.. here, take a look..

cool isn't it.. sory about the bed sheets.. its green.. but i lyk it^^ XD

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

stranded in yokohama

yesterday evening..(i think 6PM, i was roaming around yokohama wif my dog~ i was really amazed about the city because of those dashing lights on the places I see., i was even staring at the huge erris wheel i saw., i wanted to ride but.. im scared so i just looked at it and smile~ it was eally cute and very high~ then walked again and enter a mall near that place., i stopped by at Starbucks and have some mocha frap and some cheesecake., i was using my cellphone updating my FB account den I noticed that it was already 10Pm in the evening., sadly, I tried to contact my gransma but... since they're not picking it up, it means dey are sleeping.., i was planning to do the things I did last summer..(sleeping on the streets) but it was soo cold so I went to hotel., luckily, dey allowed my dog to etner the hotel..(since i begged for it..). The room was really nice and comfy~ Then, morning 6 in the morning, i checked out of the hotel and the price is lyk.. my whole money for a month., (goodbye my money~~~ T.T) den my grandma fetch me and went home., aish~~ love my own bed., (huggsss~~) hehehe^^ hope i wun get stranded again., >.<

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

my 2nd day in JAPAN~

i woke up early in the morning.. (5:30 AM i think..??) and opened my laptop to check out my FB account and to harvest all my plants inFarmville.. (an application in FB..). After that, I worked my pets in Friends For Sale so I can earn my money back from raising them..., When the sunlight starts to come out, I noticed that grandma's already cooking breakfast for us.., I asked her if I could walk my dog out and she agreed., She knew that I will do it cuz that is my usual routine., while walking near our house's road, i noticed other people cleaning the fallen leaves on the streets, children helping their mothers in watering plants and others are preparing for school., While on my way, I say a small school near the temple., It was small but I saw lots of pre-schoolers studying there., I knew it was a kinder school cuz most of the kids are soo small and very cute on their school uniforms^^ looking at them makes me smile a bit and removed my sleepy eyes., On my way back home, I saw a mini restaurant and I bought a small pack of Sushi to give it to my grand parents.. (though i really dun eat that thing much... >.<) when I arrived I saw my grandpa's smile on his face as I give him excitedly the sushi I bought for them.. (but until now, they are not yet eating it.. *drools*) this is the half of the 2nd day.. i'll just be back again^^
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Friday, December 18, 2009

my 1st day here in ARAIJUKU,JAPAN

at exactly 7:45 AM in the morning (japan time..) my airplane landed at Kansai International Airport located on an artificial island in the middle of the Osaka Bay, southwest of the Osaka Station., As i stepped off the plain, I smell the essence of the winds of Japan., as I walk furthur, I saw more and more japanese waiting for their families and friends who arrived in Japan., after a few minutes, I saw my grandma waving out her hand is she saw me walking out of the arrival area., as I moved closer to her, I saw her smile and hugged me as I stepped closer to her., I can feel the warmth of her hg, I feel like she's trying to say, "welcome back my grand daughter., i've missed you alot~!" it was really overwhelming to see her like that to me., at the cab, we talked about many things, like my graduation, my school life or my student life as a college student and a whole lot more., I really talked that fast and I know, she understands a bit of it, she lloks happy as I tell her happy momnets of my life~ after a few hours, we arrived at my grandma's house and I saw my grand father cleaning the leaves that fall from the tree., as i go down from the cab, i ran unto him and hug him so tight., it was reallyu fun meeting them again., I also, saw my dog there who is also waiting for me to come back., as I enter the house, alot of those memories came back., like, my first time that I arrive from Japan, my own personal room and other matters., it was really fun.,^^ and now, as I have my vacation here I hope things will always be fine like the days I went here to spend vacation with my grand parents., ^^

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Monday, December 14, 2009

start of the colegio week~

after long days of wait, at last~! colegio week has started yesterday, December 14, 2009 here in my dearest school Colegio de San Juan de Letran. The opening of the colegio week was really fantastic and a very energetic one! It started with different kinds of dances then games and more., ^^ Now, we continue to celebrate as we do our field demonstration in the Letran grounds. we really put all our efforts to it to make the show very happy. Tomorrow, we will have a Fun Run which the proceeds will go to the scholars of the school. I hope this day and the coming days will be fun and more excitement. Merry Christmas everyone., ^^

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

people HURT me so MUCH

at dahil mapopost ang blog na toh sa FB q, tagalog mode muna aketch., kc, gnto yan., nung nasa pp board aq, eh di ayan, tuwang tuwa ako sah pag post., tpos biglang may nagsbi na ANOYYING ang type ko.., putang ina di pa nakuntento talagang nilait ang typing ko., kaya isang malaking FUCK SHET yung mga taong yun., kc nman, bakit ba nla pinapakialaman yung style ko ng pagttype., knya knyang trip yan,. kung sila nga, d ko pinaakialam eh., bat ako pinapansin., as in sa sobrang inis q, naiyak ako ng bonggang-bongga., oh db., kc sympre, nahurt ako na annoying ang type style ko.., eh bakit yung iba, ndi naman naiinis db..?? haiz tang-ina tlga., badtrip., tsk...

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

HALLOWEEN... what will you do on that day?

hello fellas! ^^ halloween is coming closer and closer as october ends and november starts.. well, most of us people do alot of things during November 1 or All Sain't Day and November 2, All Soul's Day. (just correct me if I am wrong ok?) well anyway, mostly, people go to cemetery to visit their loved ones who already past away.. others stay there for the whole day to be with their loved ones who already died and pray for them and put some candles and flowers beside their niches.., Others, like those people whose loved ones are residing in the different places or coutry, all they do is to stay inside their house, put some candles on their altars and pray for their souls to be at peace.. for all of us, those days are holy. But of course, for kids, these days are the days they celebrate halloween. They wear scary costumes and go to halloween parties or do trick or treat things.. As a contrary, halloween is not only celebrated to mourn for their love ones but also to have fun for the mean time.. ^^

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